June 27, 2015

An Eyewitness Christmas

An Eyewitness Christmas 

by Jim Henkel

An Eyewitness ChristmasJim Henkel gives voice to the eyewitnesses who experienced the wondrous miracle of Jesus’ birth. These Bible based short stories, will bring you face-to-face with Joseph and Mary, Shepherd and Wise Man, Innkeeper and Midwife, Angel and Starlight and Seer, as they share the stunning sights of that night of nights. His hope in telling these first person narratives is that you may find them leading you also to the manger bed in Bethlehem. There, with the original eyewitnesses, you might discover yourself receiving the marvelous blessing of a first person look upon the child who is born to be the very Savior of the world.

Following ten tender short stories about the birth and childhood of Christ Jesus, the “Afterward” presents a Medley of the Gospels and dynamic discourses about:  Dating Jesus’ Birth, the Virgin Birth, Coming to Faith in Jesus, and Living Out Faith in Christ.

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